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Luxury and style in the heart of the Petrovaradin fortress overlooking the Danube ​

Welcome to Hotel Leopold I

Experience luxury and comfort in our hospitality

  Hotel Leopold I, on the banks of the Danube, a work of baroque architecture, offers exceptional accommodation in the heart of the Petrovaradin fortress. Our 59 rooms and suites exude elegance, decorated with the rich cultural heritage of Novi Sad. Choose your corner from a variety of offers, enjoying the view of Novi Sad and the Danube, which many of them offer.

  Enjoy our facilities, such as the Congress Hall with baroque details, ideal for meetings and seminars. Our team of coordinators is here to make your event run perfectly. Our restaurants Leopold I, Karlo and Kruna, offer a variety of gastronomic delights. Also, don't miss the terrace overlooking the Danube and Novi Sad, where the Karlo and Kruna restaurants are located. For a lively evening, head to the Đava nightclub, or simply unwind at the Sat bar. For relaxation, visit our Wellness & Fitness center or hair salon. The center of Novi Sad is within easy reach, and free WiFi and parking are available. We also arrange transportation and tourist tours according to your wishes.

  Our mission is to provide every guest with an unforgettable stay experience, a combination of authenticity, comfort and superior hospitality, while promoting the cultural heritage and beauty of Novi Sad.

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Welcome to the Petrovaradin fortress - the gate of worlds and the crossroads of roads

Experience the spirit of the past

  Welcome to the Petrovaradin fortress, the pearl of Novi Sad! Here, the stone paths of history tell stories that stretch from the Middle Paleolithic to the Austrian era. Built by order of Habsburg Emperor Leopold I in 1692, the fortress was a symbol of impregnability, known as "Gibraltar on the Danube". With its Upper and Lower Town, underground lagoons and galleries, this fortress keeps the secrets of the past and entices us to explore every corner of it.

  Today it is a favorite place of both Novi Sad residents and tourists, enlivened by museums, restaurants, bars and art studios. Hotel Leopold I, once a key accommodation destination for military officers, now provides guests with an authentic 19th century ambience. Enjoy the most beautiful view of Novi Sad and the Danube, and embark on a journey through history with us. Experience the spirit of past times in the ambience of our hotel or one of our restaurants that provide a unique atmosphere right next to the Petrovaradin clock.

Leopold Ignac Jozef Baltazar Felician

Leopold I

  Born in 1640 in Vienna, as the second son of Ferdinand III and Maria Anna, Leopold I - Holy Roman Emperor played a key role in European history. He became emperor at the age of seventeen due to the sudden death of his older brother Ferdinand IV. He was educated by the Jesuits, who had a significant influence on him throughout his life. He spoke several languages and was a lover of literature, music and nature.

  During his reign, he built the Petrovaradin Fortress, known as "Gibraltar on the Danube", which played a key role in the defense of the eastern part of the Empire against Turkey. His power and reputation grew, which brought him the hereditary right of the Habsburgs to the Croatian-Hungarian throne. In 1699, he issued a charter that enabled a large migration of Serbs to these regions under the leadership of Patriarch Arsenij III Čarnojević. The first bastion on the fortress bears the name of Leopold I.

  The hotel is named Leopold I in honor of his reign.

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