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Novi Sad European City of Culture in 2022

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Dive into the secret world of the underground fortress

The 300-year-old Petrovaradin fortress has ingenious stories, legends and mysteries that it will share with you. A tour through its underground with our educated and friendly staff can be organized for individuals or groups. The tunnels are mostly in complete darkness, but during the day you can see daylight from some of the 1,200 loopholes and vents. You will have the opportunity to hear about the history of the fortress through the centuries, as well as the anti-mine system, the different levels and positions of the defense lines and the military purpose of the fortress. Secrets of old military maps. By the signs and signatures you will see in the tunnels


Monasteries & wineries on Fruška Gora

On the southern slopes of Fruška Gora, near the town of Irig, there is the Krušedol monastery from the beginning of the 16th century. Due to its rich historical treasure, the famous iconostasis and many relics, this is one of the most important Serbian monasteries. The Grgeteg Monastery is a women’s monastery from the 18th century located above the place of the same name next to the dense forest of Fruško Gora.

Vinarija Kovačević is a family winery from Irig, Fruška Gora. It belongs to the new wave of Serbian winemaking and is among the leading wineries in Serbia. After wine stories and a break, with full bellies and sufficiently ruddy from good wine, we return to the hotel.



art & culture

Gallery of Matica Srpska

Matica Srpska Gallery is the richest museum of modern Serbian art. It was founded in 1847. Since 1958, it has been operating as an independent institution of Matica Srpska. Its permanent exhibition shows selected works in chronological order from the art fund, which has about 5,000 works of art of national importance for the contemporary history and culture of the Serbian people in Vojvodina from 17. until the 20th century.


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