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Live an unforgettable experience at the EXIT festival from July 10 to 14 this year!

EXIT festival is not only a musical event, but a real adventure that happens once a year in the heart of Novi Sad. With more than two decades of existence, the festival has become synonymous with unlimited fun, great music and a friendly atmosphere.

During several days, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the performances of world-famous music stars from various genres, from electronic music to rock, hip-hop and pop. With more than twenty stages scattered around the Petrovaradin Fortress, EXIT offers something for every music lover.

But EXIT is more than just concerts. It is a place where people from all over the world meet, where new friendships are made and where you can feel the pulse of energy and positive atmosphere. In addition to the music program, the festival also offers various artistic content, workshops, lectures and performances that make the festival experience even richer.

EXIT is not just a festival, it’s an experience to remember forever.

After the exciting performances at the EXIT festival, relax in the comfort of our rooms and rest to be ready for another day full of music and fun. Our friendly staff will make sure that your stay is flawless and that you feel at home.