The underground tour

Outstanding underground experience

up to 3 hours

Offer Valid: From 1. Mar 2020. Until 31. Dec 2020.
Price: From 15 €/per person

Petrovaradin Fortress is over 300 years old and has many great stories, legends and mysteries to share. A tour of the Catacombs by our knowledgeable and friendly staff can be organized anytime, day or night.

The Catacombs are mostly in darkness but during daylight hours some parts of the tunnels have light filtering through. This tends to be in areas where there was gun storage, casements, ventilation or cracks.

You will have the opportunity to hear about the history of the fortress throughout the centuries: 

  • The contramining system
  • The different levels and positions of the lines of defense, and the military purpose of the fortress
  • Secrets of the old military maps
  • The signs and signatures displayed in the tunnels